[Openstack-operators] Migrating from nova-network to Neutron in Kilo?

Ned Rhudy (BLOOMBERG/ 731 LEX) erhudy at bloomberg.net
Thu Nov 19 00:38:17 UTC 2015

Hello operator friends,

We're laying out our 2016 roadmaps now, and one of the projects the Bloomberg cloud team would like to undertake is migrating from our legacy nova-network setup to Neutron. Our current networking is pretty simple, with tenancies getting /25s carved out from a single large subnet for fixed IPs and floating IPs being assigned from another large subnet as first-come-first serve. While there's room for improvement, we are totally fine with the initial Neutron migration replicating as close to the same user experience as possible; our primary interest now is just getting to Neutron, then taking on larger overhauls once we're free to navigate in the Neutron universe.

That being said, there's very little material out there on people successfully pulling off nova-network to Neutron migrations. References on the docs wiki to Neutron migration materials are unfinished and mostly lead to some year-old abandoned changes in Gerrit, and Google inexorably leads to the same eBay presentation about migrating from Folsom nova-network to Havana Neutron+NSX SDN. It has some interesting and useful information, but it's also about old releases and involved a lot of additional changes (Folsom->Havana, integrating NSX, etc.), whereas we're just interested in moving from nova-network to Neutron in place on our Kilo clusters and carrying as little else along for the ride as possible.

Therefore, I come to you all to ask for battle stories from anyone who's gone up against migrating to Neutron and lived to tell the tale. Do your users roundly curse you and speak angrily of the Great Networking Betrayal, where you lost all their floating IPs and security groups, or are you celebrated as the great warlord who slew the diabolical iptables NAT monster and brought peace and stability (and LBaaS) to cloud networks everywhere?
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