[Openstack-operators] how to manage multiple openstack regions(Juno)

Kris G. Lindgren klindgren at godaddy.com
Wed Nov 18 17:49:33 UTC 2015


I was just talking to Yahoo! about this exact same thing.  We both have many regions that we would like to manage from a single plane of glass.  From Godaddys side it is mainly around managing quota for projects between multiple regions.  IE we would like to define a high level quota for a project and allow the end users to say how much of it should be allocated where.

Yahoo! Has some tooling that they are looking at revamping/Open sourcing.  Since, you have a similar need and tooling, would you like to help out?  Is the code for what you have available somewhere?

Kris Lindgren
Senior Linux Systems Engineer

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Subject: [Openstack-operators] how to manage multiple openstack regions(Juno)

We have large scale physical servers to manage depend on our services, and built multiple openstack env.(regions), does any one how to manage these individual openstacks in one operation portal?We developed our own UI for it(not horizon).
Thanks a lot!

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