[Openstack-operators] [fwaas] hardware appliance integration question

Oguz Yarimtepe oguzyarimtepe at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 14:38:31 UTC 2015


I have been dealing with an hardware firewall integration to our 
Openstack environment. I checked the drivers at the FWaaS Github page 
and seems Varmour's way look simlar to what i am trying to do. I So i 
created a foo_fwaas.py under 
neutron_fwaas/services/firewall/drivers/trscaler and changed the 
fwaas.ini file. Planning to call the resy api of the hardware fw 
according the the context i got.

What i am trying to figured out how will i differentiate the tenants 
networks? How will the hardware appliance filter them? Writing the rules 
according to their vxlan, can it help for ex? I haven't seen a Vxlan 
variable though while debugging the drivers.

I am using the neutron's L3 agent, haven't implemented one and planning 
to use the HW appliance for just filtering traffic, not for routing. 
Anybody here had such an experience? or any tips?

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