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Mike Dorman mdorman at godaddy.com
Thu Nov 12 21:55:52 UTC 2015

Fair enough.  Works for me.  I didn’t think about the gate stuff.

On 11/12/15, 2:46 PM, "JJ Asghar" <jj at chef.io> wrote:

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>On 11/12/15 3:36 PM, Mike Dorman wrote:
>> I guess I thought we were just going to create contrib/ directories in each of the existing repos, rather than a net new repo.
>Note, our notes aren't great; but I remember someone saying something
>like that. But we moved past it because the way the gates work, and how
>if someone came along they would want to "only get the Curated" stuff,
>then they can just clone one repo. If we added the contrib/ to each of
>the repos then you'd get the world ever update; and with the possibility
>of how big some of these tools could be that could be a very
>undelightful experience.
>> Not necessarily opposed to this approach, but it seems easier to get tools moved into the ‘curated’ area if they were in the same repo in the first place.
>Yeah, I see what you mean; but it's a trade off. I think when someone
>wants to be "curated" and we have decided on our criteria then they
>would remove it from one repo and add it to the other? This is something
>we should iron out sooner then later.
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