[Openstack-operators] VMWARE HA-OpenStack Deployment

Gilles Mocellin gilles.mocellin at nuagelibre.org
Sun Nov 1 11:14:29 UTC 2015

Le 30/10/2015 00:35, Anas Alnajjar a écrit :
> Thanks Donald
> No I try to build whole my open stack inside VMware esxi , and use 
> VMware ha to provide HA for my open stack so all nodes will be VMs 
> inside VMware , and if one host go down , VMware will relocate the VMs 
> node to another host ,. . .
> So I will install esxi on three host servers and configure VMware HA , 
> then create three instance , one for controller , one for storage , 
> and one for network nodes. .
> Then I will use the esxi hosts itself as compute nodes . .
> This will give me HA for the controller and network and storage nodes 
> also to instances. .
> So is this architecture doable???

Yes, it's doable (that's what VMware VIO do).

With a customer, we plan to do just that for the first version of their 
private Cloud.
Why not VIO ?
- to chose the OpenStack version we want
- to be able to install some projects like Murano, Designate, Trove... 
Not supported by VIO.
- to be able to use KVM nova compute nodes

As said Kris, you will still have downtime for upgrades.
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