[Openstack-operators] [Swift] dropping Py26 support

John Dickinson me at not.mn
Wed May 27 16:37:22 UTC 2015


A month ago I sent a question out asking "should we drop Py26 support in Swift?". I heard zero people asking us to keep support for it on the mailing list. At the summit, we brought it up again with operators, and the consensus of the room was to drop support.

What does this mean? Simply, we'll turn off the Py26 unit test checks. Pretty soon, I'm sure, we'll start bringing in things that are only py27+, probably first in tests, and then elsewhere. One practical result is that this will make any eventual move to py3 much simpler. Longer term, we'll be able to intentionally remove some things that are specifically there because of py26 (like simplejson).

Swift 2.3.0 (ie the version released in Kilo) is the very last version of Swift that supports Py26.

I'd especially like to thank Rackspace for supporting this decision. Rackspace has the oldest Swift clusters, and they are currently in the process of moving off of some original hardware. Until that happens, they will still have some older software that uses Py26 and can't be quickly moved off because of hardware driver issues. However, at the summit Rackspace was supportive of the decision. Everyone else is already using newer versions of Python.


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