[Openstack-operators] [openstack-dev] [glance] [kolla] [magnum] [nova] [neutron] Vancouver Summit Operations Containers Session

Richard Raseley richard at raseley.com
Fri May 22 19:35:38 UTC 2015

Daniel Comnea wrote:
> Since i couldn't attend the summit, are there any AIs which needs to
> happen/ take place and which i can keep an eye on?

There weren't any action items, which aren't already (in whole or in 
part) in flight as part of their respective product discussions.

 From my perspective, a couple of the key bits which came out of the 
discussion were:

* There needs to be a lot of consideration given to the use-case of 
containers as pets, not just as cattle. This is especially important 
from a service provider point of view. People want things like 
live-migration, non-ephemeral storage, etc.

* There is some confusion around what networking models play in what 
ways (e.g. Neutron integration).

* Interest in how Glance is going to solve the issue of 'hierarchical 
images' (for lack of a better term), which is important to some 
container models. This was as coupled with interest in making Glance a 
more generic artifact storage service.

Again, as I understand it these are already known quantities. If anyone 
feels I've misrepresented parts of our discussion here, please let me know.



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