[Openstack-operators] [openstack-dev] OpenStack 2015.1.0 for Debian Sid and Jessie

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Sat May 16 05:52:33 UTC 2015

On 05/15/2015 10:37 AM, Neil.Jerram at metaswitch.com wrote:
> Out of interest, have you done this by re-releasing the Ubuntu packaging? Or have you taken an independent approach?
> Regards,
>      Neil

It's been since Folsom that I've released packages on my own in Debian. 
Absolutely zero packaging work was imported from Ubuntu to Debian in 
this release also. In fact, it's the opposite which (often) happens: the 
last release, Juno, in Ubuntu, was using nearly 100% of my work for 
packaging the dependencies (including Oslo libraries and the 
python-*client packages). This last Kilo release is different because I 
couldn't upload to Debian during the freeze of Jessie, so Canonical had 
to work on Oslo packages of their own. This shows especially on the 
naming of the oslo packages, with a dash in Ubuntu (which seems to be a 
mistake), and a dot in Debian (which is compatible with what the 
egg-info declares).

By the way, the list of packages which I maintain is available at [1], 
and there you can see the difference of version numbers between Debian 
and Ubuntu. When you see the same version in both Debian and Ubuntu, it 
means ubuntu has "synced from Debian", or in other words, imported the 
work I've done in Debian.

On 05/15/2015 03:50 PM, Ihar Hrachyshka wrote:
 > Are there any attempts to avoid duplication of efforts? I would expect
 > Ubuntu to reuse and extend what is in their upstream distro - Debian.
 > Ihar

It's a decision from upper (or even *very* upper, shall I say...) 
management at Canonical that there's no collaboration between Debian and 
Ubuntu on the core packages. Maybe this may change in the future if the 
decision is reversed (I'm opened for it to happen...).

However, there's been some attempts to work more on the dependency 
packages together, but mostly, these attempts failed (partly due to the 
fact that Canonical insists on using BZR as a VCS). I've seen some bugs 
opened with patches by Ubuntu people to lessen the differences for these 
packages which is a good thing.

Let's hope things get better some time...


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: If you try deploying using Debian, make sure you're using 
python-pysaml2 >= 2.4.0 which I uploaded yesterday, otherwise Keystone 
will be broken.


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