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JJ Asghar jasghar at chef.io
Thu May 14 18:35:24 UTC 2015

> On May 12, 2015, at 3:00 PM, JJ Asghar <jasghar at chef.io> wrote:
> I’d like to announce the OpenStack-Chef Ops Meetup in Vancouver. We have an etherpad[1] going with topics people would like to discuss. I haven’t found a room or space for us yet, but when I do I’ll comment back on this thread and add it to the etherpad, (right now looking at the other declaration of time slots, I think Wednesday 1630 is going to be our best bet)  As with the Paris Ops Meetup we had a lot of great questions and use cases discussed but it was very unstructured and I got some negative feedback about that, hence the etherpad.

Hey Everyone, so it seems I need to take a step back because I got some wires crossed.  

Turns out the Ops meetup is our offical meeting space during the Summit which i put on the on the etherpad[1]. I’d like to keep this on topic per the agenda we’ve created on that etherpad. I think this is best, it gives the larger community of OpenStack+Chef users to come together and discuss future plans and questions in a face to face in a real time discussion. 

Just so we have it documented in this email: the meetup is in Room 217 on Wednesday at 0950am[2].

Though this brings up the topic of the Dev meetup. As the majority of the core members are going to be at the Summit, we still need a time and a place for us to discuss the stable/kilo branching. I propose we find a working space, and just spend an hour or two together. I’ve created a doodle[3] with some time slots, if you could put your ideal time in, including your email address so we can organize off the mailing list. I’ll @core this in the IRC channel too.

This is also open to the community as a whole, so if you’d like to post your ideal time don’t hesitate to.

> If I can ask for a volunteer note-taker to step up and to directly contact me; so when we start the meeting we can just jump in that would me amazing. I can sweeten the deal if you step up with some Chef Swag too ;).

Just to follow up on this, I haven’t had anyone step up yet, so if you where thinking about it, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

> [1]: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/YVR-ops-chef <https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/YVR-ops-chef>
[2]: http://sched.co/3D8a <http://sched.co/3D8a>[3]: http://doodle.com/gb4ww6izbwg8k9di <http://doodle.com/gb4ww6izbwg8k9di>
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