[Openstack-operators] Multiple vlan ranges on same physical interface [ml2]

gustavo panizzo (gfa) gfa at zumbi.com.ar
Fri May 8 02:50:45 UTC 2015

On 2015-05-08 00:39, George Shuklin wrote:

> I wanted  to put tenant networks and external networks on the same
> network, but than I realised that there is no way to say neutron to
> avoid specific vlan_id's once you set up tenant_network_types=vlan and
> add vlan_id to the list of available for neutron.
> It working fine until you allocating networks by yourself (as admin) but
> will allocate random segment/id for tenant (because tenant usually do
> not specify physical network) on request.

oh i misread you yesterday.
> Sad. I'll stick to vlan for external and shared networks and put private
> networks back to the GRE.

maybe is less sad configure

network_vlan_ranges = blabla:1:4000

an as admin create 900  networks using the vlan ids (101 to 999) you
don't want the tenants to use.

if you don't mark them as shared, tenants wont see them ;)

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