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Evan Linwood evanlinwood at arenacore.com
Thu May 7 02:27:23 UTC 2015

Unfortunately I won't be at the summit, but in advance can I throw some
ideas re CMDB tooling and model support into the ring?
I'm not sure if this kind of thing is overkill for what's intended for
OpenStack CMDB, I'd be interested to know what others think!
Regards Evan


CMDB opens up into some well-known issues around model definition,
integration, what standards (if any) to support etc. And of course larger
CMDB implementations tend to require customisation and therefore ongoing
maintenance of customisations through future product versions.

One open source project that seems to have lost momentum (I'd say due to the
nature of the telco market/vertical it was aimed at) but which I'm wondering
may be worth consideration for possible re-activation (in an OpenStack
context), is Tigerstripe?


Tigerstripe is a meta-model driven, visual tool for defining shared model
schemas & generating associated code & API artefacts - i.e. good for
defining & managing a customisable services / CMDB repository, and related
integrations. The project home page describes it as being relevant for the
telco industry - easier to think of it as supporting 'services' instead.

Tigerstripe generates code using JET (Java Emitter Templates), however I
believe it would be straightforward to adapt for generation of Python
artefacts instead of/in addition to Java.

Cisco case study:

Alternatively it might also be possible to replicate Tigerstripe
capabilities using components available purely in the Python domain? (Sorry
I don't have a feel for this!)


The Cisco case study reference talks about use of the DMTF Open Management
Infrastructure model, which may have some useful goodies at a general level
(described here as a 'Datacenter Abstraction Layer'):

OMI is intended for service operations management, available here on an open

And of course more recently, there's also the ETSI MANO model (for NFV) to
consider, among others!

Front end UI's would need to be developed (Horizon extensions?), and
persistence framework integration done.

(Craig Gallan of OpenNMS has built something in the persistence area,
although it's Java/Hibernate based):

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Is anyone interested enough in CMDB to run a working session on it at the
design summit?


It was suggested on the planning etherpad, but so far we've found no-one
interested in running it.



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