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Fri May 1 19:17:35 UTC 2015

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Superuser Awards final faceoff: your vote counts

Four great finalists, but only one can win: it’s a close call as the
voting deadline approaches for this edition of the Superuser Awards.

Snapshot of the OpenStack community behind Kilo

The OpenStack community that helped create the Kilo release has done
some seriously heavy lifting. For the 11th release, there were more
contributors, more companies involved and more work across time zones
than ever before.

The Road to Vancouver

      * Canada Visa Information
      * Official Hotel Room Blocks
      * Preparation to Design summit
              * What's a Design Summit?
      * (Unofficial) Social activities: Geocaching in Vancover

Relevant Conversations

      * Results of the TC Election 
      * Go! Swift!
      * API working group liaisons and responsibilities

Deadlines and Development Priorities

      * Relax for a day :)

Reports from Previous Events

      * OpenStack superusers deliver the goods at CONNECT

Security Advisories and Notices

      * [OSSN 0048] Glance method filtering does not work under certain

Tips ‘n Tricks

      * By Adam Young: Creating Hierarchical Projects in Keystone
      * By Spencer Smith: Image Creation - Packer and OpenStack
      * By Ronald Bradford: Running openstack tests with tox and
        Understanding the different Openstack tox configs
      * By Nir Yechiel: SR-IOV Networking – Part II: Walking Through the
      * By Craige McWhirter: Rebuilding An OpenStack Instance and
        Keeping the Same Fixed IP
      * By Daisy.Guo: reStructuredText markups in manuals and the
        translation tips
      * By Kyle Mestery: Subnetpools in Neutron
      * By Robert Collins: Dealing with deps in OpenStack
      * By Joe Topjian: introducing and using Terraform
      * By Swapnil Kulkarni: OpenStack oslo packages not available in
      * By Steve Martinelli: Debugging keystone tests and live

Upcoming Events

OpenStack Israel CFP Voting is Open
PyCon-AU Openstack miniconf CFP closes May 8th 

      * May 04, 2015 [ONLINE MEETUP] OpenStack & Beyond Podcast: Talking
        NFV + SDN in the Cloud with
      * May 05, 2015 London OpenStack May Meetup London, GB
      * May 05, 2015 May Sydney Meetup - Midokura presents "I Can Haz
        Moar Networks?"
      * May 05 - 07, 2015 CeBIT AU 2015 Sydney, NSW, AU
      * May 06 - 07, 2015 OpenStack Meetup May - Ceilometer Telemetry
        Presentation Richardson, TX, US
      * May 07, 2015 Online Meetup: How StackStorm builds and Operates
        StackStorm Software Itself Mountain View, CA, US
      * May 07, 2015 OpenStack Seattle Meetup: The Ins and Outs of
        Deploying OpenStack Seattle, WA, US
      * May 07, 2015 Open...House. Community. Stack. Sunnyvale, CA, US
      * May 08, 2015 Open... House. Community. Stack. Sunnyvale, CA, US
      * May 09, 2015 OpenStack Meetup Hanoi Hanoi, Hanoi, VN
      * May 12, 2015 OpenStack Munich Meetup Munich, DE
      * May 18 - 22, 2015 OpenStack Summit May 2015 Vancouver, BC
      * Jun 02, 2015 OpenStack Day LATAM Mexico City, MX
      * Jun 04, 2015 OpenStack Days Istanbul – 2015 Istanbul, TR
      * Jun 06, 2015 OpenStack Meetup, Bangalore Bangalore, Karnataka,
      * Jun 08, 2015 OpenStack CEE Day 2015 Budapest, HU
      * Jun 11, 2015 OpenStack DACH Day 2015 Berlin, DE
      * Jun 11, 2015 OpenStack DACH Day 2015 Berlin, DE
      * Jun 15, 2015 OpenStack Israel 2015 Tev Aviv, IL
      * Jul 20 - 24, 2015 OSCON 2015 Portland, OR, US
      * Jul 30 - 31, 2015 DCD INTERNET San Francisco, CA, US

Other News

      * Neutron, ZeroMQ and Git – Ubuntu OpenStack 15.04 Charm release!
      * OpenStack SWIFT Object Storage Tape Library Connector, first
      * Support for Python 2.6 in Swift 
      * Introducing the Xen Project – OpenStack CI Loop
      * What AWS Revenues Mean for Public Cloud and OpenStack More
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