[Openstack-operators] App Catalog IRC meeting minutes - 6/25/2015

Christopher Aedo doc at aedo.net
Thu Jun 25 23:06:43 UTC 2015

Thank you to those who joined in the conversation today, I thought it
was pretty productive.  Today we focused on two things - creating a
Horizon plugin that would allow for browsing and consuming catalog
contents, and expanding the catalog framework to accommodate more
asset types[1].  In the short term we'll just extend the current
approach (flat YAML), in order to get something working quickly.  Long
term we believe using Glance as the back-end for App Catalog makes a
lot of sense and ativelkov hopes to show us a PoC in the next week or

Please join us on #openstack-app-catalog during the week, or next
Thursday for our next weekly meeting!

[1]: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/app-catalog/+spec/expand-asset-types

#openstack-meeting-3: app-catalog

Meeting started by docaedo at 17:01:44 UTC.  The full logs are available
Meeting summary

* Horizon panel to browse app catalog  (docaedo, 17:03:38)
  * LINK:
    (kfox1111, 17:24:44)

* Next steps to adding additional asset types  (docaedo, 17:30:26)
  * ACTION: docaedo to create blueprint for the first phase of this
    effort  (docaedo, 17:37:52)

Meeting ended at 18:00:33 UTC.

Action items, by person

* docaedo
  * docaedo to create blueprint for the first phase of this effort

People present (lines said)
* kfox1111 (104)
* ativelkov (61)
* docaedo (52)
* kzaitsev_mb (17)
* openstack (3)

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