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Nejc Saje nejc at saje.info
Tue Jun 16 12:23:40 UTC 2015

Hey guys!

I hope the Ceilometer dev team still remembers me as a contributor (sorry for the absence, school comes first! :-) ), but for others, a quick introduction. My name is Nejc Saje and I’ve participated in the OpenStack community by contributing mainly to Ceilometer and attending design summits for Icehouse, Juno and Kilo. After that, my community activities took a backseat to finishing my Master’s Degree.

Would you guys be willing to help me get back to contributing as soon as possible? That’s great, thanks! :-) My thesis is on Scalable monitoring of large cloud systems and among other things, I’d like to get an overview of the current situation and user satisfaction with the current solutions.

I’ll be wildly grateful if you’ll be willing to take a few minutes of your time to fill out my survey. I know all of you are hard-pressed for time, so none of the answers are actually required so you can just submit the ones you feel like answering to. If you’re interested in the results of the survey, you can contact me directly or enter your e-mail at the end of the survey.

The survey is at http://nejc.saje.info/pages/cloud-monitoring-survey.html <http://nejc.saje.info/pages/cloud-monitoring-survey.html> . Don’t forget to submit (bottom of the page), even if you don’t fill out everything! Huge thanks and don’t forget to hit me up for a beer at one of the next summits!


http://nejc.saje.info <http://nejc.saje.info/>
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