[Openstack-operators] Cannot delete a cinder volume; alternative manual procedure ?

Alvise Dorigo alvise.dorigo at pd.infn.it
Tue Jun 9 13:37:44 UTC 2015

I've a cinder volume which is permanently in "deleting" state. I cannot 
retrace the full history of actions that brought to this scenario. What 
I cat reporto is that

1. Cinder is backed by GlusterFS mounted with the glusterfuse,
2. a "cinder delete" (or "cinder force-delete" as admin) doesn't produce 
any effect,
3. In the api.log, scheduler.log and volume.log I do not see any useful 
information but this:

api.log-20150607:2015-06-05 14:45:20.956 17383 INFO eventlet.wsgi.server 
d7b3d4f7d20444adb7fda140553c25bf 3beba6dd3f2648378263bc04d9c205fa - - -], - - [05/Jun/2015 14:45:20] "DELETE 
HTTP/1.1" 400 338 0.053790

(the verbosity and debug are ON of course).

This is not a single event... unfortunately more that one volume cannot 
be deleted and we're, so far, unable to understand why.

My question is if a manual procedure (operating on the relevant cinder's 
tables) which gracefully cleans things up (which is not a trivial 
"delete from volume where id='...'") exists.



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