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Thanks very much for your answer Anne, so now I am thinking what to do with this because I know that the nova-network will be deprecated (if it isn't yet) so to install from the beginning something which is deprecated (or nearly) I guess it's not good idea. 

 Do you know if in Juno or Kilo is already implemented the Neutron with multi-host capabilities?

Once more many thanks for your help !


On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 6:50 AM, car.cuevas <car.cuevas at protonmail.com> wrote:

First thank you very much for your support :))  

Actually I found tons of documentation about OpenStack, with really help us to make work most of our environment,  but now I am not sure if is possible for the Icehouse version to have configured the NEUTRON for a Multi-host configuration. 

We are having 2 computes, 1 controller and one storage dedicated servers, so the Idea is to have a faileover configuartion with Neutron too. But I read in some places that Neutron still cannot be configured in multi-host but not sure about what version... So do you know if is it needed to have Nova-Network instead of Neutron for having multi-host configuration??

The icehouse release introduced the ML2 plugin but not multi-host support. For icehouse, you would need to use nova-network if you want to ensure failover for networking between VMs.


Thank you very much in advance

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