[Openstack-operators] Palo Alto Midcycle - agenda brainstorming

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Fri Jul 10 04:28:48 UTC 2015

Hi all,

As you've seen - the Ops mid-cycle will be in Palo Alto, August 18&19,
and we need your help to work out what should be on the agenda.

If you're new: note this is aimed at giving us a design-summit-style
place to congregate, swap best practices, ideas and give feedback, and
is not a good place to learn about the basics of OpenStack.

As usual, we're working to act on the feedback from all past events to
make this one better than ever. One that we continue to work on is the
need to see action happen as a result of this event, so please - when
you are suggesting sessions in the below etherpad please try and phrase
them in a way that will probably result in things happening afterward.


Please propose session ideas on:


ensuring you read the new instructions to make sessions 'actionable'.


The room allocations are still being worked out (all hail Allison!), but
the current thinking is that the general sessions will all be in the
morning of both days, and the working groups will be in the afternoon -
similar to Philadelphia. We probably have a lot more space for smaller
working groups this time.

More as it comes, and as always, further information about ops meetups
and notes from the past can be found on the wiki @:


Finally, don't forget to register ASAP:



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