[Openstack-operators] Deprecation of in tree EC2 API in Nova for Kilo release

Eric Windisch eric at windisch.us
Fri Jan 30 17:18:03 UTC 2015

> That's a failing of the Nova team that must be addressed. As maintainers
> it is our job to produce software that meets the needs of our users. We
> have 35% of users reporting they use this EC2 code, so fixing any problems
> should be a high priority item & these bugs considered release blockers
> for Kilo.

The role of programs are not to solve user's needs, but to to solve the
needs or desires of its developers and their patrons. The job of the
foundation arguably includes rallying developers around needs of the users.
However, an open source project is not the product of an organization that
is developed for its users. Ultimately, if those that care don't step up,
or don't work through a vendor that cares for their needs, they've no right
to complain. It's also, I believe, the role of the foundation to express
these basic facts to its users.

Where most OpenStack programs have failed is in enabling its developers to
contributing code without friction. Instead of being an agile startup, it
has become sluggish and bureaucratic. The bureaucracy makes it difficult
for developers to maintain their code and punishes those developers for
being unable to meet the expectations of that bureaucratic process.  The
best solution for developers is to escape the bureaucracy and operate
outside of it. It's the only way to make effective change, operate in an
agile manner, and Get Stuff Done. We call this stackforge.

Michael has done the right thing by asking the foundation to rally
developers for this effort. If this feature is important to users, then
those users should pressure their vendors, or contribute directly. Failing
that, they'll eventually lose their feature, and will have no grounds for
complaint. Still, if they continue, they really need to break out into
stackforge, or there is no hope of any maintenance effort of being

Eric Windisch
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