[Openstack-operators] Packaging sample config versions

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Wed Jan 28 23:30:21 UTC 2015

On 29/01/15 07:28, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> On 01/27/2015 11:00 PM, Tom Fifield wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Based on Gustavo's excellent work below, talking with many ops, and
>> after a brief chats with Jeremey and a few other TC folks, here's what
>> I'd propose as an end goal:
>> * A git repository that has raw, sample configs in it for each project
>> that will be automagically updated
>> * Raw configs distributed in the tar files we make as part of the release
>> Does that seem acceptable for us all?
> It is not. Since it has been already discuss, but we're still not having
> any counter point of argumentation, I shall repeat myself, until sanity
> gets restored.
> You are still *not* addressing the main issue: the .sample config files
> *must* match your environment and the version of the different libs on
> which a given service is going to run. Therefore, any attempt to go back
> to the previous situation (where we have already pre-built config files)
> can be considered a grave regression.

Actually, many folks I spoke to didn't really care about this.



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