[Openstack-operators] Specifying multiple tenants for aggregate_multitenancy_isolation_filter

Jesse Keating jlk at bluebox.net
Tue Jan 27 22:03:56 UTC 2015

On 1/27/15 1:54 PM, Sam Morrison wrote:
> Hi operators,
> I have a review up to fix this filter to allow multiple tenants, there
> are 2 proposed ways in which this can be specified.
> 1. using a comma e.g., tenantid1,tenantid2
> 2. Using a json list eg. [“tenantid1”, “tenantid2”]
> Which one do you think is better?
> https://review.openstack.org/148807

Is this intended to be written by a human using the command line tools, 
or to be filled in via other methods?

For command line tools, making it json seems wrong, and a comma list 
would be more friendly. Internally the command line tools could easily 
format it as a json list to pass along.

What do the other various things that take lists expect? I'd say that's 
more of a consideration too, uniformity across the inputs.


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