[Openstack-operators] Configuration file validator

Daniele Venzano daniele.venzano at eurecom.fr
Tue Jan 27 11:00:24 UTC 2015

An external tool is probably able to cross-check across different openstack services. But in any form I would welcome something that tells me:

-          OK this configuration is consistent and makes sense

-          This option doesn’t do anything in this context

-          Setting X is missing, feature Y will not work

-          This is totally broken




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IMHO this should be built in per daemon. ex: apachectl -t



On 2015-01-27 02:45, Christian Berendt wrote:

Do you think there is a need for a configuration file validator?
Sometimes I have nasty issues in manual created configuration files
(e.g. a parameter in a wrong section or a mistyped name of a section or
The services themself to not validate the configuration files for
logical issues. They check if the syntax is valid. They do not check if
the parameter or section names makes sense (e.g. from time to time
parameters change the sections or are deprecated in a new release) or if
the used values for a parameter are correct.
I started implementing a quick and dircty proof of concept script (I
called it validus) to validate configuration files based on oslo.config
and stevedore.
If there exists a need I will cleanup, complete, and publish my proof of
concept script on Stackforge. Just want to clarify first whether a need
exists or not.

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