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j j at no-io.net
Mon Jan 26 21:28:13 UTC 2015


I use LibreOffice Draw for architecture diagrams. VRT Network Equipment
[2] pretty much blows everything out of the water. 

For text documentation that I manually create (chef for example does
this automatically) I'll put in plaintext files per environment that
includes basic stuff such as hostname, IP, and server function. 

On 2015-01-25 09:15, Daniel Comnea wrote: 

> Hi all,
> Can anyone who runs Openstack in a production environment/ data center share how you document the whole infrastructure, what tools are used for drawing diagrams(i guess you need some pictures otherwise is hard to understand it :)), maybe even an inventory etc?
> Thanks,
> Dani
> P.S in the past - 10+ - i used to have maintain a red book but i suspect situation is different in 2015 
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