[Openstack-operators] Import Windows 2008 Vmware VMDK Image to KVM Openstack.

Gilles Mocellin gilles.mocellin at nuagelibre.org
Thu Jan 22 17:18:24 UTC 2015

Le 22/01/2015 13:38, Pedro Sousa a écrit :
> Hi all,
> does anybody have a working procedure/howto to convert Windows based 
> VMDK images to KVM?
> I tried to convert using qemu-img convert command but I always get a 
> blue screen when I launch the instance.


The principal problem is that the disc controller under VMware is SCSI 
(LSI Logic I think).
Under KVM, you can choose, but it will nether be an emulated LSI Logic 
SCSI controller.

As Windows is very picky concerning the boot drive and its driver, you 
have to change it before running under KVM (either with Virtio or IDE).

The simplest is to use a registry file (mergeide.reg [1]) which reset to 
IDE the disk controller for C: drive, then boot with KVM + IDE controller.
You can afterward install the windows virtio drivers, add another 
temporary drive whith virtio controller, then transform the controller 
for C: to virtio and remove the temporary additional drive.

The procedure is certainly documented for RHEV, oVirt.
I use and so know the procedure from Proxmox.


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