[Openstack-operators] metadata-api 500 errors

Alex Leonhardt aleonhardt.py at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 15:45:01 UTC 2015


i've got a test openstack install with 3 nodes, using gre tunneling --

initially it all worked fine, but, after creating > 2 networks, VMs in
networks 3,4,5 do not seem to get the metadata due to it erroring with 500
errors. whilst this is happening, VMs in networks 1 and 2 are still working
fine and can be provisioned OK.

anyone seen something similar or ideas on how to go about troubleshooting
this ? I got a tcpdump from the VM but as it does get to the metadata api,
am not sure where the issue is (especially since other VMs in other
Networks work just fine)

any ideas ?

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