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[one important paragraph was left out. I apologize for the double post.]

"First App" Tutorial for OpenStack
OpenStack needs something like the tutorial "Writing your first Django
app". We're looking for volunteers to flesh out ideas on what this
tutorial would look like for OpenStack and how it would work.
Particularly we need to think about the kinds of example applications we
should go with. There's an etherpad and your ideas are welcome there or
join the conversation.

OpenStack Gold Director Selector Election Results for 2015

      * Aptira – Tristan Goode
      * Cisco – Lew Tucker
      * Dreamhost – Simon Anderson
      * EMC – Sean Roberts
      * Mirantis – Boris Renski
      * Nebula – Chris Kemp
      * (new) NetApp – Robert Esker
      * (new) Symantec – Steven Hallett

Welcome to all and good work!

Women of OpenStack Working Session Update

The WOS Group has a established a new women-of-openstack mailing list
and is hosting next week a webinar to help Designing an OpenStack Summit
Session Submission for Success. Register now, as this webinar comes just
in time for the

OpenStack Summit Vancouver Call For Speakers 
Submissions are open now for Vancouver OpenStack Summit 2015.

Gate Bug Triage Conclusion

A few months ago Matthew Treinish wrote about debugging a gate failure.
He wrote an update about the conclusion to the triage efforts for the
Out Of Memory failures on Neutron jobs. The cause of the failures was
running out of memory but what was leading to the OOM failures wasn’t
just limited to neutron. It was just that the neutron jobs ran with more
services which used more memory which made failures there more common.

Sneak Peek into Heat New Features in OpenStack Kilo Release

Arthur Berezin gives a sneak peek at the new upcoming features in Kilo
release, just as the first Kilo milestone has been reached.

Relevant Conversations

      * Requirements for future “OpenStack projects”
      * OpenStack: Evolution
      * 10 pounds of OpenStack cloud in a 5 pound bag? Do we need a
        bigger bag? WARNING: explicit images
      * Vancouver Design Summit format changes
      * [nova] reckoning time for nova ec2 stack
      * OpenStack Product Management Kilo Midcycle Meeting

Deadlines and Development Priorities

      * [Nova] Kilo Release Status – just passed spec freeze
      * [neutron] BPs in Launchpad for Kilo-2
      * review log guidelines

Security Advisories and Notices

      * [OSSA 2015-001] L3 agent denial of service with radvd 2.0+
      * [OSSA 2014-041.1] Glance v2 API unrestricted path traversal
        (CVE-2014-9493) ERRATA 1

Tips ‘n Tricks

      * By Tim Bell: Using bitnami images with OpenStack
      * By Rob Hirschfeld: OpenCrowbar v2.1 Video Tour from Metal to
        OpenStack and beyond
      * By Jay Pipes: Understanding reservations, concurrency, and
        locking in Nova
      * By Giulio Fidente: Ceph for Cinder in TripleO
      * By benn: Reliability Analysis of OpenStack VMs using Python,
        fabric and R – Part 1: Reliability Concepts
      * By Robert van Leeuwen: The kernel panics from 2014 on our
        OpenStack Hypervisors
      * By Assaf Muller: Juno Advanced Routing Compatibility

Upcoming Events

2015 OpenStack Foundation Events Plan and Calls for Papers Available.
The 2015 events plan is now available on the Global Events Calendar
wiki. The detailed spreadsheet covers industry events, Summits (dates
and locations), as well as regional OpenStack Days organized by the
community.  If you’re interested in sponsoring or speaking at a planned
OpenStack Day, please contact the contact listed in the spreadsheet.

      * Jan 10, 2015 OpenStack Mini Meetup, Chennai Chennai, Tamil Nadu,
      * Jan 11, 2015 OpenStack India Meetup, Bangalore BANGALORE,
        Karnataka, IN
      * Jan 14, 2015 BareMetal & OpenNetworking webinar Mountain View,
        CA, US
      * Jan 19, 2015 OpenStack Meetup Nuremberg Nuremberg, Bavaria, DE
      * Jan 22, 2015 OpenStack L.A. January Meetup Pasadena, CA, US
      * Jan 27 – 29, 2015 Cinder Kilo Midcycle Meetup Austin, Texas, US
      * Feb 02 – 03, 2015 Upstream Training in Japan Tokyo, JP
      * Feb 03 – 04, 2015 OpenStack Days Tokyo 2015 Tokyo, JP
      * Feb 05, 2015 OpenStack Day in Korea Seoul, Seoul, KR
      * Feb 19 – 20, 2015 World Techies Forum Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN
      * Apr 13 – 14, 2015 OpenStack Live Santa Clara, CA, US
      * Apr 22 – 23, 2015 China SDNNFV Conference Beijing, CN
      * May 18 – 22, 2015 OpenStack Summit May 2015 Vancouver, BC
      * Jun 11, 2015 OpenStack DACH Day 2015 Berlin, DE
      * Sep 17, 2015 OpenStack Benelux Conference 2015 Bussum, NL

Other News

      * 6 new things Fedora 21 brings to the open source cloud
      * OpenStack Gold Director Selector Election Results for 2015
      * What’s Up Doc? Jan 8 2015
      * [stable] release notes for 2014.2.2
      * OpenStack Crossproject Meeting: Summary and full logs.

Got Answers?

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting
questions waiting for answers:

      * Does anyone have Xenserver 6.5 and Openstack playing nicely?
      * Does Stackalytics have API to report data for a specific period?
      * Windows 7 VM taking on IP from wrong subnet
      * how to install vpnaas under juno with dvr ?
      * Does Swift send updates when objects have been modified in a
      * HEAT grub commands for CentOS 7 Nova Instance

The weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the
various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add
content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please
leave a comment.
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