[Openstack-operators] [Keystone] LDAP Assignment Backend Use Survey

Morgan Fainberg morgan.fainberg at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 19:22:40 UTC 2015

The Keystone team is evaluating the support of the LDAP Assignment backend within OpenStack and how it is used in deployments. The assignment backend covers “Projects/Tenants”, “Roles/Grants”, and in the case of SQL “Domains”.

There is a concern that the assignment backend implemented against LDAP is falling further and further behind the SQL implementation. To get a good read on the deployments and how the LDAP assignment backend is being used, the Keystone development team would appreciate feedback from the community.  Please fill out the following form and let us know if you are using LDAP Assignment, what it provides you that the SQL assignment backend is not providing, and the release of OpenStack (specifically Keystone) you are using.

http://goo.gl/forms/xz6xJQOQf5 <http://goo.gl/forms/xz6xJQOQf5>

This poll is only meant to get information on the use of the LDAP Assignment backend which only contains Projects/Tenants and Roles/Grants.

Morgan Fainberg
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