[Openstack-operators] pbr and Python 2.6

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Dec 2 18:47:25 UTC 2015

As I'm sure you are aware, OpenStack has done its last Python 2.6
compatible release, and the test infrastructure is being unwound

We've one special case in the projects we manage - pbr - and I'm
trying to see if there is going to be enough impact that we need to
special case it for CI and keep Python 2.6 as a supported version for

tl;dr: If you are still building OpenStack packages with Python 2.6,
and depending on pbr being installed via easy-install, please read the
rest of the mail and reply.

 If I get no replies, or the respondents won't be deeply affected,
then we'll go into 'best effort' mode where we don't CI on 2.6, and
just act reactively to reported issues - e.g. its not that we won't
*care*, its just that we'll be reacting rather than preventing.


Most of our projects easily cappable to deal with Python 2.6
incompatibilities, but pbr, as a setup_requires dependency, is not:
setup_requires is handled by easy-install, and since the majority of
our pbr references are not capped (for good reasons that are
irrelevant here), this means that if pbr breaks compatibility with
Python 2.6, *and* folk are installing pbr using projects on Python
2.6, then easy-install will pick the latest, 2.6 incompatible version,
and break builds.

This can be mitigated by pre-installing pbr with  2.6 compatible
version; OTOH thats not always easy when things are at the bottom of
deep tooling chains.

So the questions are:
a) Are you still deploying on 2.6
b) and if so do you depend on easy-install at any stage [that is, do
you not already pre-install pbr everywhere yourself]
c) and if so will it be hard/disruptive for you to pre-install pbr ?


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