[Openstack-operators] Grizzly: live-migration with attached volume?

Abel Lopez alopgeek at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 16:59:27 UTC 2014

Does it work if you first detach the volume and then migrate?

On Friday, September 12, 2014, Stephen Cousins <steve.cousins at maine.edu>

> I am fairly new to Openstack having just inherited a Grizzly system with
> NFS storage. "nova live-migration" is working unless the VM has an attached
> volume. When it doesn't work, the VM does move but it is not possible to
> connect to it and the CPU load on that VM goes up to the number of cores
> assigned to it. That is, for a VM with 8 cores in it, the load for that
> qemu-system-x86_64 process goes up to about 800%. Is this a known problem
> with Grizzly?
> Here is a description of our system:
>    three machines set up with HA for Quantum (with Open vSwitch), Cinder,
> RabbitMQ, and Nova. These nodes are all compute nodes too. We also have
> another machine that is just compute.
> Cinder and Glance storage is all NFS connected to each machine with the
> same mount points.
> ​The command I am using to do the migration is:
>     nova live-migration $UUID compute3
> In some cases the migration has worked when a volume has been attached.
> Most of the time however, it does not work.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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