[Openstack-operators] Cinder + FC + Hitachi storage 110

Will Newby Will_Newby at discovery.com
Thu Sep 11 18:20:37 UTC 2014

Hi Tong,

1) My understanding for the support matrix is that it notes the *earliest*
the driver is available, so if you¹re deploying Ice House, then you get
all the protocols listed on that matrix. If it¹s not listed on that
matrix, then it¹s not supported at all.

2) Cinder doesn¹t speak any protocols, it¹s not a passthru, it¹s an
accountant. It keeps track of connections and volumes and configures them,
it doesn¹t sit between VMs and the storage.

Does that help?

On 9/11/14, 12:51, "Tong Manh Cuong" <cuongtm at vdc.com.vn> wrote:

>Hi experts,
>I intend to deploy OpenStack icehouse using
>	1. My existing Hitachi Storage 110.
>	2. VM go directly to Storage instead of going through cinder.
>	3. FC Protocol.
>When I check: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CinderSupportMatrix
>I just saw HUS with Havana and iSCSI.
>So please help me:
>	1. Which OpenStack version I can use with Hitachi with FC Protocol.
>	2. In addition, how can I configure OpenStack to make VM directly go
>to external Storage (use iSCSI). Because if all Storage traffic go to
>Cinder, Cinder will be overloaded.
>Thanks guys,
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