[Openstack-operators] Glance vmware backend

Baruch, Ohad Ohad.Baruch at emc.com
Mon Sep 8 08:12:32 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I configured my glance backend to use a Vmware datastore, and added the cluster that sees this datastore as a hypervisor to the compute node.
I then deployed an instance using an ISO image I uploaded to the datastore via Glance, but I saw something weird.
The Glance service kinda ignores the situation and still copies the whole image to the designated instance datastore, and after that he deploys the instance and mounts the ISO.

1)      Why not just deploy the instance and mount the ISO straight from the other datastore?

2)      Is there a way to make glance not copy the whole image to the other datastore and simply deploy over the network?

3)      Does anyone know how to make glance know that the images are stored on a Vmware datastore and that it deploys those images to a Vmware datastore in such a level that he can leverage the VAAI functionality, or does he always deploy through the networking?

Best regards,

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