[Openstack-operators] hostname on vms not correct until reboot

Alex Leonhardt aleonhardt.py at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 12:57:37 UTC 2014


I'm using openstack together with puppet and mcollective (VM images is
pre-provisoined) but when a new VM is being spun up, it seems that the host
is being wrongly identified as host-i-p-g-o-e-s-h-e-r-e instead of its
actual hostname that was set by cloud-init / puppet ?

Am sure there is a trick to make this work properly ?

Note that after I reboot the VM (no changes made) the host comes up with
the correct name in mcollective. Am just wondering if there is something I
forgot to set in cloud-init or if someone had the same issue and knows a
proper fix (not rebooting) ?

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