[Openstack-operators] Openstack Manual install with nova-network

Baruch, Ohad Ohad.Baruch at emc.com
Tue Sep 2 08:07:03 UTC 2014

Hi guys,

I have a 2 node(1 controller + 1 compute nodes) architecture that I installed manually, all of my compute services, including nova network, are on the compute node.
I tried logging to the dashboard but I received this message:

ConnectionFailed at /admin/
Connection to neutron failed: Maximum attempts reached
Request Method:


Request URL:


Django Version:


Exception Type:


Exception Value:

Connection to neutron failed: Maximum attempts reached

Exception Location:

/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/neutronclient/v2_0/client.py in retry_request, line 1228

I don't even have a neutron client or server installed, and I configured my nova.conf to use nova networking.
This is really frustrating, can somebody please assist?


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