[Openstack-operators] HA solutions for L3-Agent and metadata-agent ?

Daneyon Hansen (danehans) danehans at cisco.com
Thu Mar 6 16:41:54 UTC 2014

On 3/6/14 7:50 AM, "gustavo panizzo <gfa>" <gfa at zumbi.com.ar> wrote:

>On 03/06/2014 09:54 AM, Alvise Dorigo wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I opened some time ago a thread about this argument (more in general
>> about HA for
>> OpenStack): 
>> Now I'm definitely focusing on making the Neutron's agents highly
>> available.
>> As stated in the mentioned thread there's no solution for making L3
>> agent HA with the active/active paradigm. But I have to use the
>> active/active paradigm.
>there is no active/active route protocol to route ip packages, you can
>have only one default gw. that's true in virtual as physical world.
>i remember a eNovance guy giving a presentation during HK summit, they
>have patched neutron in order to use VRRP. you may want to search that
>if you use it, pls share your results. i haven't a chance to test it

I believe routing protocols and a first hop redundancy protocol are two
separate, but complimentary HA topics.  Most routing protocols have the
ability to load share across multiple links. If one of the links go down,
the routing protocol will detect it and remove the path from its
forwarding table.  The ability for the L3 agent to support a first hop
redundancy protocol such as VRRP would be a great step in the right
direction for HA.  Zookeeper could be another option (approach to solving
Ceilometer's central agent HA issue. By using the Service Group API and a
backend such as ZooKeeper.  If eNovance has this code, can they send it
out for review? I know L3 agent HA has been a point of interest for a long
time and the current limitations force HA deployments to use provider
>> In the mentioned thread, Jay suggests to use a tool to replicate l3
>> agent's status to the other node upon failure of the current node (I
>> haven't used this tool yet).
>> Reading the HA guide by Openstack
>> there's not a solution active/active-based also for the metadata agent.
>> I wonder if there's a similar tool to replicate the metadata agent's
>> status on the other node, as for the l3 agent.
>neutron's metadata agent is just a proxy to nova-api, it is stateless
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