[Openstack-operators] Cinder to remove its sample config file

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Mon Jun 2 01:47:22 UTC 2014


Previously I've heard your feedback that you like having sample
configuration files in repositories for something 'quick and easy' to
refer to.

There is currently a patch in to remove cinder.conf.sample:


If this bothers you, please express your concerns on the patch.



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Hey Everyone,

Many of you may be aware that yesterday an upstream change landed that
outdated our sample cinder.conf file. Â As a result the Jenkins tests
will fail (and continue to fail no matter how many times you hit recheck) :)

But what you may not have known was that YOU have the power to fix
this!! Â First off, I know that running the entire test-suite in a venv
is something well all do EVERY time right? Â Well you'll notice when you
do that (it's the same tests that Jenkins will run) it will surprisingly
report the exact same error that Jenkins has been failing your patches
for. Â What's even more handy is the fact that it will also give you a
hint on how to fix the problem! Â Pretty cool eh? Â If even just ONE
person that first hit this problem would've updated their patch
according to the process nobody would have even noticed that it happened
and you wouldn't read my stupid email on a Friday evening.

That wasn't the case though, and the result is a bunch of failed items
in the queue. I've also submitted a patch to do away with the whole
"sample conf file thing" anyway, and I've also submitted a patch to
update the conf file for everybody so this is taken care of (with the
exception of the all the rechecks we'll need once my patch lands). Â

So why am I sending this email you ask?

Well, because what we have now is everybody continuing to pile on
submissions that are guaranteed to fail tests. Â This clogs up the gate
and makes things like my proposed fix to actually update this, wait in
extremely long queues and get kicked out when something ahead of it
fails. Â The result is we all sit here very unhappy waiting. Â I just
wanted to point out, we all (myself included) have become a bit slack
about running tests in our own local env before submitting patches.
 This messes up Friday afternoon for all of us.Â

So... just a reminder (to myself as well);
1. PLEASE run tests before submitting your patch
2. PLEASE look at failures and don't just keep hitting "recheck"
thinking it will change. Â Read the console output, it does in fact call
out the error.


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