[Openstack-operators] Configuration for Dell R820

Pääkkönen Pekka Pekka.Paakkonen at vtt.fi
Thu Feb 27 06:55:23 UTC 2014

Hi Tzach,

Thanks for the answer and link to the video.

Yes, I was planning to run OpenStack on this single server. There is also few (1-2) other similar servers available, which could be used.

I am not sure which Linux OS would be good for running the server, can you make a recommendation? 
I was planning to run Linux OS (perhaps Debian) in the instances. 


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Dear Pekka, 

Lets start with a few basic questions:

1. Are you going to run your Openstack on this single server, AIO (All In One) setup? 

2. If you plan on more than one server, is it going to be a few servers 2-5 or much more 10-20+ servers down the line? 

3. What operating system do you plan to use for server it self? And which one for instances (in Openstack speak vm's are refereed to as instances, for a good reason..). 

Can't say for sure (yet) but from your answers you might find out that openstack isn't the best tool for your needs. 

Also recommend watching below youtube, which explains the deference between virtualization (in this case vmware) and cloud solutions.

Tzach Shefi

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Subject: [Openstack-operators]  Configuration for Dell R820


I am planning OpenStack configuration for a server rack with the following spec: 

Dell PowerEdge R820: 

+ 4 processors (Intel Xeon E5-4620), 8 cores/processor 

+ 512 GB RAM 

+ 8 HDD, 1 TB/disk 

+ 2*1Gb, 2*10Gb network cards 

How would it be reasonable to configure controller and compute nodes in terms of vCPUs and memory? 

I am planning to use one controller due to shortage of public IP addresses, and I am wondering how many compute nodes I should use? 

A use case of interest is execution of database instances in OpenStack with a write heavy workload. 

I was hinted in the “Ask OpenStack”-service that 32 GB, 2 vCPUs per virtual machine may be a good starting point. 


-Pekka Pääkkönen 

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