[Openstack-operators] [openstack-dev] [nova] Future of the Nova API

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Tue Feb 25 02:15:30 UTC 2014

CC'ing the openstack-operators mailing list to get a wider set of
feedback on this question.

On 02/24/2014 05:26 PM, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
>> 1) Continue as we have been, and plan to release v3 once we have a
>> compelling enough feature set.
> So I think we should release in Juno even if its only with tasks and
> nova-network added. Because this allows new users to start using the
> API immediately rather than having to code against V2 (with its extra
> barriers to use) and then take the hit to upgrade later.

OK, let's go a bit further with the case of marking the v3 API stable in
Juno.  If we did that, what is a reasonable timeframe of v2 being
deprecated before it could be removed?

>From a selfish developer perspective, the answer is "remove v2
immediately".  From a selfish user perspective, the answer is "never
remove it".  Where is the reasonable middle ground?  How long would it
take to have enough clients migrated that we could remove the old API?

I'm interested in answers from pretty much everyone on this, including
deployers, as well as users of our APIs.  I'm also especially interested
in an opinion from large public clouds based on OpenStack.

Russell Bryant

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