[Openstack-operators] neutron network configuration: linux bridges

George Shuklin george.shuklin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 11:50:41 UTC 2014

I found something strange I can't solve by myself.

Sometimes I getting configuration where VMs traffic get to the gre 
tunnes via following sequence: tap->qbr->qvb->qvo->br-int->br-tun->eth0. 
It described here: 

But sometimes I getting very different configuration: 
tap->br-int->br-tun->eth0. It working, and working fine. And I just 
can't find option or configuration difference, or combination of both 
which cause switching between 'simple' and 'normal' scheme. I feel like 
I don't understand something basic and something important.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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