[Openstack-operators] Iperf isn't work between VMs which are placed in other host

Taeheum Na thna at nm.gist.ac.kr
Tue Aug 26 02:19:41 UTC 2014

Hello, David
Your comment was exactly correct!!
I refer following blog. Then adjust MTU on the VM
And current it's work well.

Thank you for your comment.
It was helpful to save my time.

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What MTU are you using (try different ping sizes to see if this problem also occurs with large pings.)  You will likely want to limit the vms to 1454 MTU and re-run your tests. Google for GRE OPENSTACK MTU for more info.

On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 11:23 AM, Taeheum Na <thna at nm.gist.ac.kr<mailto:thna at nm.gist.ac.kr>> wrote:
Hello, I tried to measure network performance BTW VM which connected through GRE tunnel. So, I configured neutron(ML2/GRE).
Then I verified TCP performance between VMs which are placed on same host.
But I could not make Iperf connection BTW VMs (on other host), but ping is ok.
bellow things are current Security group configuration. I think that I allow all traffic which is needed to execute iperf.
| IP Protocol | From Port | To Port | IP Range  | Source Group |
| udp         | 1         | 65535   | |              |
| tcp         | 1         | 65535   | |              |
| icmp        | -1        | -1      | |              |
Do you have any comment?

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