[Openstack-operators] I have finally created an instance, and it works! However, there is no ethernet card

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Tue Aug 19 06:49:34 UTC 2014

On 15 August 2014 12:41, Jeff Silverman <jeff at sweetlabs.com> wrote:
> People,
> I have brought up an instance, and I can connect to it using my browser!
 I am so pleased.
> However, my instance doesn't have an ethernet device, only a loopback
device.   My management wants me to use a provider network, which I
understand to mean that my instances will have IP addresses in the same
space as the controller, block storage, and compute node administrative
addresses.  However, I think that discussing addressing is premature until
I have a working virtual ethernet card.

Nova will default to using a single neutron network if one is available. If
you have no NICs then either:
 - you explicitly booted the VM with no vNICs
 - and/or you haven't made your provider network available to your tenant

So you'll need to make sure either that you've created the provider network
as your tenants, or marked it shared for all tenants to use.

> I am reading through
and I think that the ML2 plugin is what I need.  However, I think I do not
want a network type of GRE, because that encapsulates the packets and I
don't have anything to un-encapsulate them.

ml2 is always good :). You'll want a provider network if thats what your
management have asked for. Instance IP addresses in provider networks don't
have to have much to do with the host machine addresses - they can for
instance be a vlan, or a different subnet.


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