[Openstack-operators] Accessing Swift via S3-API(boto) using Keystone authentication.

Salman Toor salman.toor at it.uu.se
Mon Aug 11 21:19:02 UTC 2014


I am hard time accessing my swift store via boto. Command-line and dashboard works fine I have included s3token middleware as well. I am using Havana release. 

The error is at keystone log file 

2014-08-11 22:28:39.915 22694 WARNING keystone.common.wsgi [-] Could not find credential, 8c6976e5b5410415bde908bd4dee15dfb167a9c873fc4bb8a81f6

I am not sure about the "access_key_id" and  "secret_access_key", using following:  


is this correct? 

pipeline = catch_errors cache healthcheck swift3 s3token authtoken keystone proxy-server

paste.filter_factory = keystoneclient.middleware.s3_token:filter_factory
auth_port = 35357
auth_host = keystone-hostname
auth_protocol = http

use = egg:swift3#swift3

use = egg:swift#proxy
allow_account_management = true
account_autocreate = true

use = egg:swift#memcache
memcache_servers =

use = egg:swift#catch_errors

use = egg:swift#healthcheck

use = egg:swift#keystoneauth
operator_roles = admin,_member_,SwiftOperator
is_admin = true
cache = swift.cache

paste.filter_factory = keystoneclient.middleware.auth_token:filter_factory


keystone.conf (s3_extension is not in the public api-- )
paste.filter_factory = keystone.contrib.s3:S3Extension.factory

pipeline = stats_monitoring url_normalize token_auth admin_token_auth xml_body json_body debug ec2_extension user_crud_extension public_service

pipeline = stats_monitoring url_normalize token_auth admin_token_auth xml_body json_body debug stats_reporting ec2_extension s3_extension crud_extension admin_service


Any hint will be appreciated.


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