[Openstack-operators] I think there is a dependency in openstack-nova-spicehtml5proxy

Jeff Silverman jeff at sweetlabs.com
Fri Aug 1 00:44:18 UTC 2014

I am running Centos 6.5

I ran into a problem with openstack-nova-spicehtml5proxy.  It wouldn't
start.  I did some investigating and discovered that

root at controller1-prod.controller1-prod:/var/log# cat /tmp/spicehtml5proxy.txt
WARNING: no 'numpy' module, HyBi protocol will be slower
Can not find spice html/js/css files at /usr/share/spice-html5.
root at controller1-prod.controller1-prod:/var/log#

I got this by modifying the /etc/init.d/openstack-nova-spicehtml5proxy

#    daemon --user nova --pidfile $pidfile "$exec --logfile $logfile
&>/dev/null & echo \$! > $pidfile"
    daemon --user nova --pidfile $pidfile "$exec --logfile $logfile
&>/tmp/spicehtml5proxy.txt & echo \$! > $pidfile"

which I think ought to be a permanent change, because there is useful
information coming out of stdout.  Alternatively,
    daemon --user nova --pidfile $pidfile "$exec --logfile $logfile
&>>$logfile & echo \$! > $pidfile"

To resolve the underlying problem, I had to install
spice-html5-0.1.4-1.el6.noarch, which is easy to do:

 yum install spice-html5-0.1.4-1.el6.noarch

​I then started the ​openstack-nova-spicehtml5proxy service

​service openstack-nova-spicehtml5proxy start
I think the problem is that there is a missing dependency in package

root at controller1-prod.controller1-prod:~# yum deplist
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities, security
Repository sl-release-el6 is listed more than once in the configuration
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * epel: mirror.pnl.gov
14079 packages excluded due to repository priority protections
Finding dependencies:
package: openstack-nova-console.noarch 2014.1.1-2.el6
  dependency: openstack-nova-common = 2014.1.1-2.el6
   provider: openstack-nova-common.noarch 2014.1.1-2.el6
  dependency: /usr/bin/python
   provider: python.x86_64 2.6.6-52.el6
  dependency: /bin/sh
   provider: bash.x86_64 4.1.2-15.el6_4
  dependency: python-websockify
   provider: python-websockify.noarch 0.5.1-1.el6
root at controller1-prod.controller1-prod:~#

​spice-html5-0.1.4-1.el6.noarch should be in that list.​

​I'm very much an openstack newbie, so it may be that I am not going
through proper channels.  I appreciate your patience with me.​

*Jeff Silverman*
Systems Engineer
(253) 459-2318 (c)
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