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Morgan Fainberg m at metacloud.com
Tue Apr 22 19:39:20 UTC 2014

During the weekly Keystone meeting, the topic of improving the Catalog was brought up. This topic is in the context of preparing for the design summit session on the Service Catalog. There are currently limitations in the templated catalog that do not exist in the SQL backed catalog. In an effort to provide the best support for the catalog going forward, the Keystone team would like to get feedback on the use of the various catalog backends.  

What we are looking for:
In your OpenStack deployments, which catalog backend are you using?
Which Keystone API version are you using?
This information will help us to prioritize updates to the catalog over the next development cycle (Juno) as well as identify if any changes need to be back-ported. In the long term, there is a desire to target new features and functionality for the Service Catalog to the SQL (and for testing KVS) backends, limiting enhancements and new development done on the templated catalog backend.

Please feel free to respond via the survey below or via email to the mailing list.

Keystone Catalog Backend Usage Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3DL7FTY

Morgan Fainberg
Principal Software Engineer
Core Developer, Keystone
m at metacloud.com
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