[Openstack-operators] Icehouse and libguestfs and ZFS

Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Thu Apr 17 15:10:39 UTC 2014


The Icehouse release notes mention:

"Icehouse brings libguestfs as a requirement. Installing icehouse
dependencies on a system currently running havana may cause the havana node
to begin using libguestfs and break unexpectedly. It is recommended that
libvirt_inject_partition=-2 be set on havana nodes prior to starting an
upgrade of packages on the system if the nova packages will be updated

I have compute nodes running Ubuntu and use ZFS (from the ZFS PPA).
Installing libguestfs-tools removes ZFS because libguestfs wants zfs-fuse.

I did a little digging and found this:


In the bug, Jon mentions that it is possible to install libguestfs-tools
without zfs-fuse, although it looks like some dancing is involved.

Will libguestfs-tools be a package dependency of the Ubuntu Icehouse nova-*
packages? If so, I'll need to do some testing to see if I can get
everything plus zfs installed cleanly. Maybe packaging libguestfs myself
without zfs-fuse would be the easiest solution?

As a side note: what makes libguestfs a requirement of nova now?

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