[Openstack-operators] Glance large images (>5GB) stopped working, swift backend

Robert van Leeuwen Robert.vanLeeuwen at spilgames.com
Fri Apr 11 08:14:02 UTC 2014


"Suddenly" all images/snapshot larger then 5GB stopped functioning. (Worked until a few days ago)
The glance client gives a "Unexpected EOF" message

When I look in Swift for those large files see an file with $id filename with no content.
At the same time I see $id-00xx files which appears to be content of the file split in 200MB segments.
Smaller images seem to work fine, e.g. a 800MB image. They have just one file in Swift.

We had a recent change setting allow-versioning=true in Swift.
Just to be sure I did a roll-back but stuff is still broken.
Also cache control headers were added (rolling back that currently but I guess that would not do much for glance)

Relevant swift settings (did not change):
swift_store_large_object_size = 5120
swift_store_large_object_chunk_size = 200

Any idea what could be going on?

Robert van Leeuwen

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