[Openstack-operators] Quota Templates

Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Sat Apr 5 22:53:18 UTC 2014

Hi Nate,

> Would love to see additional work with regards to quota management and
> enforcement. Particularly within private clouds, the current quota system
> doesn't allow for much dynamic growth.  I think enhancements to the quota
> system to allow for something akin to "spot instances" would be really
> useful. Quotas would enforce how much resources a project is guaranteed,
> but projects could elastically grow beyond their quotas if the rest of the
> cloud was under utilized because other projects were not using all their
> guaranteed resources.  At the point in which a project that had been
> under-utilizing their quota needs to schedule new resources, if the
> scheduler finds the cloud is full it would "reap" resources in a FIFO
> manner from any projects which were in excess of their guaranteed quota.
> Thus freeing up enough resources for the incoming request.
Just some thoughts I've had recently.
Nice ideas! They're similar to some we've had with regard to a free public
cloud we offer in Canada.

One of those being a way to allocate a certain amount of vcpu hours to a
project and let them run whatever they want until the hours are exhausted.
This seems like it'd be a great idea for someone who needs access to short
bursts of several parallel instances.

Building on top of that, we thought it would be cool to have a community
calendar where users could reserve blocks of time for this.

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