[Openstack-operators] Quota Templates

Joe Topjian joe at topjian.net
Sat Apr 5 20:56:23 UTC 2014

Hi Jay,

The only problem with this is that what happens if an instance type's
underlying resource allocation changes? Quotas and reservations
> generally need to be on the actual resources that are consumed, not on
> an abstract representation of those resources like an instance type, due
> to the fact that the abstract representation can changes over time.
> My idea about the UI above works nicely with the idea of changeable
> instance types. The UI can do simple real-time calculations about what a
> quota allocation represents in terms of the actual resources used by an
> instance type.

Yes, but there is nothing limiting a user to only a set amount of a certain
resource in a certain environment.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding this discussion, but here is an example
scenario of how I see it:

I have a small set of compute nodes that are configured in such a way that
make them "special" (SSD, GPU, etc). I can put those compute nodes in a
host aggregate and tie a series of flavors to that host aggregate.

But since there is only one quota that the user has, there is nothing that
is preventing a user from hogging a large majority of the those "special"
nodes. For example, if a user has a quota of 500 cpus and 800gb of memory,
and if the "special" nodes collectively only have 1500 cpus and 2400gb of
memory, the user could consume 1/3rd of the special resources.

However, if I was able to tie a separate quota to that host aggregate, I
could give the user a quota of 50 cpus and 80gb of memory alongside his
standard quota of 500/800 for the rest of the cloud.

I greatly apologize if this scenario is *not* what Narayan was talking
about. In addition, this is not a feature that I'm personally in desperate
need for, but would definitely implement it if it was available -- much
more than a quota template.

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