[Openstack-operators] [Openstack][Kesytone] Logging output modification

Andrew Glen-Young andrew.glen-young at canonical.com
Mon Feb 25 19:35:52 UTC 2013


On Mon 25-02-2013 14:47 ›, Alejandro Comisario wrote:
> Hi guys, we are using keystone 2012.1.4 into production, and we are using
> keystone logs to stream into kafka, and we wanted to modify the logs
> content to add the tenant id into the line.
> We saw in the code that keystone leaves that duty to the python logging
> method.
> We tried several methods to modify the log content, but we didnt nailed.
> Does anyone knows how to doit in essex ?

My guess is that if the default logging doesn't match your criteria that
you could insert a custom middleware to do what you want.

The 'access' middleware, which creates Apache-style logs, in the current
keystone branch may give you an idea of how to achieve this.


Andrew Glen-Young

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