[Openstack-operators] How to force nova-network to create a virtual network on controller node (head node)

Miguel Angel Diaz Corchero miguelangel.diaz at ciemat.es
Fri Feb 22 10:29:45 UTC 2013


I've installed OpenStack Folsom in VLAN mode with HA [1], the 
infrastructure is based on 1 controller + compute node and N compute 
nodes. When I boot the first instance of a tenant, the virtual network 
is only created in the compute node where the instance is running (maybe 
controller node or another node). Then, I have to attach a floating_ip  
to the instance in order to access from controller node to the instance 
(if the instance is not running in the controller).

I'm wondering if there is a way to pre-create the virtual network in the 
controller node without running any instance on it to avoid the use of 
"floating_ip". I would like to use floating_ip with public ips and I 
can't spend one public IP in most of instances.

Please, any help?



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