[Openstack-operators] IGMP snooping/query support in Openvswitch

Taurus Cheung Taurus.Cheung at harmonicinc.com
Wed Dec 11 07:57:51 UTC 2013

Hi all,

As I know, Openvswitch is a L2 virtual switch that currently does not support IGMP snooping/query. (This has been confirmed from Openvswitch mailing list)

We are running 2 VM (VM-A and VM-B) under same VLAN on the same OpenStack compute node (Grizzly version) with Openvswitch (v1.9.0). Theoretically, if only VM-A has joined the multicast group, VM-B can also receive this multicast traffic even VM-B has not join the group (since there's no IGMP snooping/query implementation in Openvswitch)

However in our experiment, VM-B would not receive the multicast traffic joined by VM-A. The effect like Openvswitch has already supported IGMP snooping/query. Is there anything we have missed?

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