[Openstack-operators] Question for deployers: how much variation is there in hardware in your deployments

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Sun Dec 1 19:16:51 UTC 2013

This is for input to the TripleO design prioritisation discussions
we're having at the moment.

We have been assuming that everyone has almost no variation on
hypervisors, but specialised hardware configuration for control plane
/ data storage / compute - so typically 3 profiles of machine.

But, we'd like a little data on that.

So - if you're willing, please reply (here or directly to me) with
answers to the following q's:

 - how many hardware configurations do you have
 - are they deliberate, or organic (e.g. optimising for work vs your
vendor couldn't deliver the same config anymore)
 - if you have multiple hypervisor hardware configurations, do you
expose that to your users (e.g. using different flavors to let users
choose which servers to run vms on) - a story for that might be high
performance computing vs densely packed vms.


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